Whitmans Redip

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Spending too much on clipper blade sharpening?


REDIP was developed specifically to extend blade life while providing a safe alternative to fuel-based fluids. With correct use and regular application of REDIP you can expect your blades to stay sharp an average of 6 months!

The average groomer using REDIP saves over $350 every year in sharpening fees!


Save HUNDREDS per year in sharpening costs with Redip, the first and ONLY pet safe clipper cleaning solution!

REDIP is free of toxic kerosene and other dangerous fuel solvents.

– Never burn your hands or damage pet’s skin
– Never breathe toxic vapors
– Never worry about flammable spills or accidental pet exposure

REDIP is economical.

– Get 5 times more life out of your clipper blade
– The average full-time groomer saves over $350 a year in blade sharpening
– Reusable – use it multiple times before replacing

REDIP is effective.

– Removes the rust and corrosion that dull your blades
– Removes harmful bacteria-laden debris which can pass to you or the next pet
– Reduces blade friction-induced heat with proprietary lubricants


So Easy to Use!

Redip is so easy and safe to use, you won’t mind maintaining your blades!

  1. Immerse or Dip clipper blades in Redip solution while clipping
  2. Remove excess Redip with absorbent towel before clipping
  3. Store clipper blades in the Redip solution indefinitely…before/during/after use.

To make storage and maintenance with Redip even easier, check out the Blade Wash Caddy! It’s a must-have for keeping your blades sharp as long as possible.


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